Wednesday, March 15, 2017

college fair

The college fair was a good learning experience and I learned some new stuff. The cost of attending out of state colleges are really expensive but they really have great programs. They are ranked pretty high and also that some allow you to go in as undeclared. Some are big colleges but have small class room size and great resources, but i thought we weren't given enough time to fully go to each one and talk about the colleges because of how crowd it was or some colleges left. However it was still a good experience


"Whenever you feel like criticizing any one," he told me, "just remember that all the people in this world haven't had the advantages that you've had.” 
 This is to tell Nick that don't judge people by their appearance , because you don't know how they grew up and weren't fortunate as others. Nick doesn't judge people that much except for Gatsby on his life style and the way he behave, but like him he was an alright person for Nick and Gatsby was a person that Nick really wasn't annoy with and so after Nick getting to know Gatsby he liked him.


At first I didn't think I would like this book but the more I read I enjoy the book the author is very descriptive of the details. You could picture what he is talking about and make a scene very thrilling without having to make it a big climax it could be small and it will still be very thrilling. Also on what he has about the technology is pretty cool and amazing on how he could have imagine all of that before they were invent or before they are invent. Also how the book that world and reality are opposite that how it seems to me and they are still some similarities. The girl catches my attention on how she is curious about a lot of things. but it a bad thing and how she made the fireman have emotion and start asking the same questions he was asked by the girl. When he thought she was weird asking those type of questions. She made him think about his life and what was going on the world.

Sunday, March 5, 2017


I think we should, because we can compare the book and the movie to see how the director want to describe his way or the author vision. To compare our imagination and the actual visual and see how they are similar and different. To see what we didn't hear in the book and the characters expression.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Great Gatsby notes the end

  • If Gatsby didn't do all those things for Daisy could he have still lived?
  • Most people in that time saw Gatsby as living the "American Dream" being at the bottom then climbing all the way to the top
  • Money was everything for Daisy she chose Tom for the money and didn't care if he was having an affair she was just in it for the money 
  • Daisy was a selfish person who only cares about herself and no else didn't even go to Gatsby funeral 
  • Daisy and Tom were similar to each other they cause problems for a lot of people but then others clean up their mess
  • Mr. Wilson tells his wife that she can fool him, but she can't fool god he sees everything
  • Also that most people just want to be with him because of his money and he was generous the only reason they want to be his friend
  • Nick and Gatsby father were the only one that care about Gatsby death 
  • Why did the author mention Gatsby family towards the end of the story and not sooner ?
  • Why didn't Nick say anything to Tom or to anybody that it was Daisy who killed Mrs.Wilson ?

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Chapter 7 notes

  • "Her voice is full of money"
  • Daisy invites Gatsby and Nick over for lunch
  • Daisy kisses Gatsby and shows off her daughter to Gatsby 
  • They go to town Daisy and Gatsby go together and the others go in a different car
  • Tom knows something is going on with his wife and lover
  • Also Mr. Wilson also knows something is going about his wife 
  • Tom feels like he is losing both Daisy and his mistress Myrtle 
  • Tom keeps questioning Gatsby and tells him why does he want to start a fight 
  • Also when Myrtle tells her husband to get them something to drink so she flirts with Tom and Daisy does the same thing with Tom and she flirts with Gatsby 
  • Tom finds out that Myrtle has been wanting to move to the west and it been 10 years that she has want to
  • Gatsby tells Tom that Daisy doesn't love him and she only loves Gatsby but it hard for Daisy to say those things but still says them
  • Tom and Gatsby and Daisy are arguing and Daisy is leaving Tom
  • Gatsby is in some shady business
  • Myrtle dies by a car she gets hit and the person to killed her was Daisy it was a hit and run 
  • Tom is worry about Mr.Wilson because he looks really pale and sick  

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Gatsby and Daisy

Both Gatsby and Daisy are selfish, because they are doing things for themselves and no one else. Gatsby because he move to east egg just to see Daisy and got rich so he could support daisy and was so focus on to the old Daisy that he fell in love with trying to get back with her even though she is already married. Daisy was thinking about to get married to man who could support here financially and social status, so she could married to Tom who is a very wealthy man and still stays with Tom even though Gatsby is trying to get her back. Both are doing their own things to get want they want.